Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bilingualism: A brief editorial note

As I see it, many blogs suffer their demise after they've begun to take themselves too seriously and begin discussing their methods and intents as if they were a major publication with a board of directors that will execute these bullet points as policy. That said ...

As I have been attempting to immerse myself in French as much as possible, I have passed on several opportunities to write about subjects recently because the primary audience would be readers from New Hampshire, and the U.S. in general, inducing me to write in English -- breaking my immersion, and prepetuating the "US = English-only" attitude that has sent me to Qu├ębec. Having written several times for Granite Staters in French, I realize there is the reality that, while I want to talk to the Yankois that are 25% of the state, I also want to include the 75% that are not.

So the way forward is clearly to write each post in each language.

Watch for it in the coming days.

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